In all likelihood is not the latest news that we bring to our pages about dangerous toys that are on the market, and more dates like that approach, where the sale of toys is multiplied. CONSUMER EROSKI It has tested 40 different toys in order to check whether they comply with safety regulations, and has resulted in eight samples violate safety standard.

Analyzed toys are electric, table, snowmen, to create, mobile, costumes, for babies and children up to 14 years. Some of the dangerous items are well-known brands (Barbie, A’famosa, Imaginarium…) or can be purchased at the most famous shops for kids.

Four toys are offenses that can be considered serious: the snowman “Pepo paint me”, creative toy with Barbie stickers and magnets, wrestling Boxing King snowman and the Briefcase of painting Mickey Mouse. Here are the complete list of dangerous toys 8:

  • Clementoni Barbie. Creative toy with magnets, stickers, paints for coloring and molds to solidify. Reference: 65898. Mechanical risk and lack of critical safety warnings.
  • Discman with blue and yellow buttons Duo Mic microphones. Bar code: 8499931295739. Tienda-fabricante: Imaginarium. Electrical hazard.
  • Container with 3 dolls of wrestling and accessories. Reference: 22651. Marca-fabricante: Boxing King – Color Baby. Toxic risk.
  • Mickey Mouse Club House of Poessa. Case of 56 parts Mickey Mouse Club House paintings. Reference: 921253. Toxic risk.
  • Hat of moles with multicoloured clown wig and a red Pom-Pom on the tip. Reference: 8487C. Mark Widmann. Flammability hazard.
  • Nenuco famous mocosete. Snowman shaped baby, bath and other accessories. Reference: 700004686. Electrical hazard.
  • Remote control helicopter from white and black propellers. Reference: 85615. Manufacturer turn Marketing & Sales. Mechanical risk.
  • Pepo Bizak Pintame. Snowman shaped Blue Dog with a yellow bone-shaped bag. Reference: 62061082. Mechanical Riresgo.

As we see, breaches of safety standard affect the design and construction, flammability, electrical or mechanical safety, magnets and the content of toxic substances.

We hope to that the complete results of the research are published (in December), although at the moment Consumer already It has been reported these irregularities to manufacturers and the Administration, so that they take appropriate measures, so it would not be surprising to soon pass to form part of articles collected by danger.