We have already noticed by television commercials that Christmas is coming. The time of year in which sold more toys and that more children visit the toy store. But not for all of them it is easy to go into a toy store. For example, if frightened you sounds and strong lights, or if there are too many people. The branches of the chain’s toys Toys R Us in the United Kingdom will carry out a beautiful initiative, the ‘quiet time’ directed to parents and caregivers of children with autism.

It will be next Sunday November 6, when it aims to create a quiet environment where families can go to the shops with their children, when establishments will offer a calmer place to purchase, with many lights and low intensity of the fluorescent.

There will be no ads or music on the PA system of the shops During that time, providing areas of silence. And it is that with minor adjustments in the settlements is can accommodate many of these children who, like any other, enjoy between toys. And thus alleviating the difficulties facing families.

Leaders of the national society of autism in the United Kingdom have been satisfied with this initiative, especially in the run-up to Christmas. And it is that with a simple and the proposed change may facilitate purchases 700,000 persons with disorders of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in the United Kingdom and their families.

Let us remember that it occurs a case of disorders of autism spectrum disorders per 100 live births and that autism is a complex neurological disorder that often keeps people suffering from contact with external reality. Contact with other people and some as daily as shopping or play.

I do not think that this is an initiative that will achieve more profits and that it could be termed opportunistic, they see it more as a gesture that seeks to give visibility and normalize this disorder as well as, to the extent possible, that some autistic children are happier.

And although it is a lovely gesture, symbolic I would say, it is necessary that children with autism and their families receive more support. The Confederation autism Spain points out that there is an important vacuum in terms of the basics for the quality of life of people with disorders of autism spectrum disorders and their families.

These cover various areas: early detection or early care, education or the supports so that people with ASD develop an independent adult life and participate fully as citizens in society, without being sentenced.

Ultimately, what gives us hope is that This gesture of offering one-hour calm to buy toys for children with autism and their families at Toys R Us you can open the door to other many gestures, more hours, in other stores, in malls, in other countries… and society understand that children with ASD have some special needs, but to all, what moves them is support, affection, becoming loved and understood.