We all know the designs of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, lines and color of their drawings have no age, but rather you return to childhood. And to conquer their designs at the smallest presented the Agathita doll.

There are several designs and accessories from Agathita, so all the girls will find that steal your time changing clothes, hairstyle, tattoos, imagining stories, etc..

Agathita many caritas It is intended for children from 3 years old, it will help them develop manual dexterity manipulating small parts, cutting, dressing the doll.
In addition to developing the imagination by inventing new situations, they can express ideas, feelings, and emotions. As we know, these and other favorable aspects are developed to play with dolls.

Time passes, fashions change, and our daughters now have many more toys to choose from, will be wanting to Agathita?. Is not a brilliant design and it does wonders, but do not have the exorbitant price of the Barbie and accessories.