A few years ago that There is a company that sells toys to ten euros. The company is called Ten-euro toys (logical) and its aim is to simply offer parents the possibility of buying some toys to a little regular price.

The success of this company has been provided in previous years which since last year has five shops in Cordoba, Villarreal and Valencia, Granada, JaƩn and another that will open soon in Andujar.

It has also opened the possibility of buying toys also online, for all those people who are not close to one of the stores. The peculiarity is that all toys (well, any particular escapes) cost 10 euros.

I’ve been looking at products and the impression that I have brought is regular. The most popular toys are all exhausted (quite logical, since they are a good price), but are less.

Everything else are toys of unknown brands, whose security would be assessed properly, because they are not cheap because of that sell them want to do little business with them or because they have become crazy. They are cheap because they probably don’t deserve cost more than ten euros.

So even if it’s a good anti-crisis measure, the possibilities of solving the Christmas ballot with Ten-euro toys they are quite low, I’m afraid. Anyway to me I do not do much case. It is best that you pass by the store and thus see their products, perhaps find the toy that you wanted.