Ar.Drone 2.0 From Parrot-The Drone, With The All Started! This Quadrocopter War At Last Time In Version 2.0 One Of The First Am Marks That Made The Drones Hobby Affordable And Also Made For Laymen.The Concept: Simple Control, Simple Components-Low Risk Due To Extreme Low Weight And Light Components.

The AR-Drone 2.0 (as with the predecessor-the AR.Drone 1.0) for the first time was not controlled by remote control helicopter, but via the smartphone/iPhone or tablet via the corresponding freeFlight “app according to HISTORYAAH. Intuitive control over the tilt and rotation of the mobile device is controlled. In addition, the reconciliation between the drone and the compass integrated in the tablet/smartphone allows the relative position to be calculated so that the AR-Drone 2.0 can be controlled not only by absolute directional indications but also relative. In practice, this means that if you control the inclination of the tablet/smartphone to the right, the AR.Drone will always fly right, no matter which direction the drone is pointing at.
The transmission of the control commands is realized by means of a WLAN connection. And for the time, the AR-Drone 2.0 also transmits the live image of the integrated camera back to the tablet/smartphone-the so-called FPV flight (First-Person-View) possible.

For the time and the era in which the AR.Drone 2.0 appeared on the market, an absolute breakthrough and the revolution of the drones aviation!

In today’s world, however, this nostalgic technique-especially the components used-is rather obsolete. The range is-due to the WLAN-very low (only about 50 meters) and the camera quality rather bad.The expansion possibilities are strongly restricted.

Also the flight stability is rather bad-because the Lagestabilisierung happens, besides the tilt sensors, on an optical basis. A second low-quality camera monitors the ground under the drone and tries to keep the position by means of the image changes. Nowadays, and with modern (and not necessarily more expensive systems), this is done precisely via GPS.

The advantage of the old Technically: this also works indoor-thus inside buildings-without GPS connection. There also newer GPS drones work-but these without GPS usually can not hold the position safely. In addition, the Copter has a special outdoor shell that encloses the propellers with a kind of “foam rings” and protects them against collisions-so you can even fly in larger rooms.

The Quadrocopter is, however, particularly outdoor-compared with the current state of the art-rather unstable in the air and extremely windy.

Test/Review/Review/Review/Buy Recommendation-Ar.Drone 2.0

A funny toy – then far ahead of the time. Today, however, as a pure toy to watch and more suitable for juvenile (under supervision) as an entry into the drones hobby. Because of the low range, the weak engines and the low weight, this drone can not cause any major damage to property or cause injuries. For this purpose, however, the manufacturer Parrot is still calling for a proud price.

Even if the AR.Drone 2.0 by the manufacturer Parrot by spiced up “Editionmodelle” (see below) was refreshed again: the basis always the same. The only new feature is the optional GPS Flight Recorder, which records the flight route (including altitude/speed, etc.) of each flight so that the data can be viewed and displayed graphically in the app after the flight. In addition, you can specify a navigation point in the app on the map and the drone controls it independently-the quadrocopter can return to the starting position as required.

Topic Aerial Photography: the image and video quality with the 720p mini camera are rather bad. The image and video data can either be recorded on an additional USB stick in the drone or transferred to the app and stored on the smartphone/tablet. Image stabilization (gimbal) is not available and can not be retrofitted.

Also otherwise, individual extensions are hardly possible, since the load capacity of the drone is already more than exhausted. Successor is expected to be the Parrot Bebop  FPV Drone-there will probably be no AR.Drone 3.0.

Suggested Composition/Optional Components

An Android or IOS Smartphone/Tablet is necessary as a control unit/remote control

For editions, see below

USB stick if applicable

Flight Recorder

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