Belarus as a Tourist Country

Belarus is the most unknown Kolkka in Eastern Europe for many tourists. Belarus, which became independent in 1991, is a country of less than ten million inhabitants in Eastern Europe. According to countryaah, the country shares a border with Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.


Called the last dictatorship in Europe, Belarus is not the most typical option when choosing a holiday destination: many travelers boycotted the country because of the poor human rights situation. Among other things, the country restricts freedom of expression and tramples on the rights of the sexual minority.

For a tourist, Belarus is a safe destination where you can manage with normal caution. Finnish tourists need a visa for their trip, which can be obtained from the Consulate of the Embassy of Belarus in Helsinki.

In addition to urban destinations, Belarus also has national parks and activity opportunities. You can engage in various activities, such as hiking, skiing and fishing.

Good to know about Belarus

Short for BY by abbreviationfinder, Belarus has a continental climate, which means cold and humid winters and warm summers. The appropriate time to travel depends on the nature of the trip: in winter you can prepare for cold weather, while in spring the sun clearly reindeer Finland earlier.

Belarus is suitable for travelers who are interested in experiencing a different European destination or getting to know the conditions in the country. It is also easy to travel to the country from the Baltic countries or Eastern Europe on an interrail or car holiday.

The destination cannot be recommended to Sexual Minorities, as the subject is still taboo in Belarus – although perceptions are changing among the younger generation. However, for example, sharing a double bed in a hotel with a same-sex travel partner may prove problematic.

Flights, accommodation and movement in Belarus

Belavia, a Belarusian airline, operates direct flights from Helsinki to Minsk. You can also travel to Belarus via Riga, for example, on Air Baltic flights. The direct flight from Helsinki to Minsk takes just over an hour.

In the largest cities of Belarus in particular, there is a wide range of hotels: there are plenty of options from cheap and modest small hotels to luxury hotels of international chains. The tourist can also stay in hostels, inns or rental apartments.

Within Belarus, tourism is possible by train, bus or rental car – however, it is worth noting that the roads are in poor condition in some places and special care must be taken in traffic. Cheap trains and buses also run from Belarus to neighboring countries.

Tourist destinations in Belarus

Among tourists, the most popular destination in Belarus is the country’s capital Minsk. The city of about two million inhabitants is located in the central part of the country. Minsk is known for its majestic squares and numerous parks.

The 16th-century Mir Castle is also one of the most important sights in Belarus and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The historic castle is located in the village of Miri, about 90 km from Minsk.

Brest is a city near the Polish border, best known for the Brest Fortress. Built in the 19th century, the fortress is one of the most famous sights in Belarus and symbolizes the survival of the locals in World War II. The fortress is located about a half hour walk from the city center.

A tourist interested in nature should visit the Bialowieza Forest, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The national park is located in both Belarus and Poland, about 70 km from the city of Brest. The forest is home to a particularly large bison population.