A Teddy is an ideal gift for a child, it becomes a playmate, a friend… much we could say about the importance of a Teddy in childhood. An ideal gift for the children is a Blablas, a toy with a personalized message warm and friendly.

They are beautiful and very tender, soft to the touch, dogs, bunnies, Lions or vaquita are ideal companions who respond to an embrace with a warm message, a nanny or even a declaration of love. These plush toys are ideal for the child develop aspects of his personality and enter the world of the interaction.
We also have the possibility of acquiring a recorder Blablas we where in particular recorded a message so Teddy play when Baby Hugs, in this way, the message of the Teddy is not monotonous past time.

You can opt for various sizes and different prices, certain that a stuffed animal for your baby. The price is around 30 euros and you can buy a plush online through the website of El Corte Ingl├ęs.