Bodrum, Turkey

BODRUM is the most popular resort for tourists from all over Europe and the Turkish elite, who come here to enjoy the splendor of the seascape and the charm of nightlife. The resort is ideal for youth and family holidays, here you can visit numerous art galleries, ceramic workshops, shops with figurines and handmade jewelry. There are 3 large marinas of international class in Bodrum, which annually attract thousands of owners of yachts and sailing boats with their service and developed infrastructure.A comfortable seaside holiday is guaranteed in full, since Bodrum has many public and private beaches, as well as very popular beach clubs. Beach clubs offer a truly wonderful vacation: warm sea, bright sun, comfort provided by excellent service

For lovers of outdoor activities on the peninsula – diving, rafting, windsurfing and other water sports; for lovers of history and antiquity – the opportunity to see one of the 7 wonders of the world – the Mausoleum castle, located in the city of Bodrum, walk along the remains of the city wall of the sunken city in Gumusluk, go to the Sandima artists’ village in Yalikavak, or climb a picturesque hill with old windmills from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the bays and watch a stunning sunset.

For gourmets and lovers of delicious food, a variety of restaurants serving both local Turkish and European cuisines, small and cozy cafes located along the promenade, from where you can watch yachts and sailboats gently rocking on the waves. The cafe is an ideal place for divination on Turkish coffee.

For lovers of an active and vibrant nightlife, the resort offers numerous clubs with live music, coastal cafes – lounges, a variety of dance shows, discos and entertainment venues, with DJs and live musicians, where you can hear music of all styles – from Turkish traditional, pop -music and lounge to hard rock.

For lovers of shopping, a variety of shopping centers and shops that offer textile products and shoes, as well as home goods and souvenirs. You can choose from boutiques with world brands and brands located in shopping centers and on the street of bars, as well as bazaars where you can find locally made and handmade items of excellent quality, the prices of which will pleasantly surprise you.

For those who like to combine relaxation with a cultural program:

Pirates of the Cactus – a brand new water park in Bodrum in Yalikavak

Bodrum Paten Pisti – Roller skating rink in the shopping and entertainment center “Avenue”

Bodrum Karting Go Kart – karting, a great place for those who want to get some adrenaline

Akademi Bilardo Club is a great place for billiard lovers

Regular passenger ferry services in the directions of Bodrum – the Greek islands of Kos, Rhodes, Kalymnos, from where you can continue your journey to other islands of Greece with a transfer. 4 large companies offer daily (in summer), and in winter according to a schedule. Going on a trip to the Greek islands, you must have a valid foreign passport and a Schengen visa that allows you to freely enter the territory of Greece. For Russian citizens living or vacationing in Bodrum, it is possible to apply for a one-time visa for a one-day visit to Kos by contacting a specialized tourist agency.

BAYS OF BODRUM – each bay is unique in its climate, infrastructure and lifestyle.

Bodrum is the most “main” bay of the peninsula due to the fact that the ancient Halicarnassus was located here, and in our time there is the city center and the main attractions. Of particular note is one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world – a grandiose tomb built in 352 BC. e. for the Carian king Mausolus.

Gumbet – a bay located in the southern part of the peninsula, is an area called Gumbet. For the most part, this is a resort area that was developed about 20 years ago, with the advent of mass tourism to the peninsula, where hotels of various stars are located, as well as a “street of bars” for nightlife lovers.

Konacik is an industrial area that is located along the main road connecting the peninsula’s districts, without access to the sea

Bitez – a bay located in the southern part of the peninsula, is perhaps the ideal place for both permanent residence for those who want to be close to the center (Bodrum is located 8 km), and a great place to spend a comfortable, carefree holiday with friends and family.

Ortakent – translated from Turkish means “a city that is located in the middle.” This is partly true, since the bay and its center are located in the very middle of the Bodrum Peninsula, 12 km from the center of Bodrum

Bagla is a bay located 14 km from the center of Bodrum and is one of the most picturesque bays of the peninsula with a beautiful beach suitable for any holiday. This is a real resort area, where mostly visiting “summer residents” live. The number of hotels here is minimal, but the beaches are crowded in the summer. In winter, exactly the opposite, all tourist sites are closed, and only a few shops are open.

Aspat – despite the fact that Aspat Bay is not marked separately on many maps of Bodrum, it should be highlighted in a special way. And above all, because during the reign of King Mausol, the ancient city of Termera was founded here, the ruins of which, including the remains of the Aspat (Venedik) fortress, can be observed to this day.

Akyarlar is a stunningly beautiful bay surrounded by emerald greenery, located 22 km from Bodrum. Many years ago there was a small Greek fishing village called Kefaluka. Today it is one of the most developing resort areas in the vicinity of Bodrum, where a fairly large number of 5-star All Inclusive hotels are located.

Turgutreis – a bay located in the west of the Bodrum Peninsula, 25 km from the city center, got its name in honor of the outstanding admiral of the Ottoman Empire born here, Turgut Reis, known in Europe under the name Dragut Treis, and famous for his numerous naval victories. A few kilometers from the city, on the seashore, there is a monument to the admiral, symbolizing the place from where, according to legend, Captain Turgut Reis first set off on a sea voyage

Kadikalesi, despite the fact that it is a small resort bay, where “dachas” and villas of vacationers who come for the summer are mainly located, has a rather long and interesting history.

Gumusluk – a bay of delightful beauty, located on the western coast of the peninsula, 23 km from the center, is buried in tangerine groves, and its coastline is one of the few corners of Bodrum not heavily affected by “civilization”.

Yalikavak – located in the northwestern part of the peninsula, 19 km from the center of Bodrum, was once a small fishing village, where, in addition to catching fish, the main industry was the extraction of sea sponge

Gundogan – The name of the bay in Turkish means “Dawn, or giving birth day.” This area is located in the north-eastern part of the Bodrum peninsula, 22 km from the center.

Golturkbuku – the name of this area combines two bays separated by a small isthmus – Turkbuku and Golkoy, as a result of which a whole area was formed with a long, difficult to pronounce name

Torba – just 5 km from the center of the popular beach resort of Bodrum, strictly in the north of the peninsula is a miniature bay called Torba.

Bodrum, Turkey