The issue of dangerous toys manufactured in China seem not to finish. Controls have not been rigorous before releasing them to the public or not being so after withdrawals.

Almost every week we announce new massive withdrawals of toys and items (bibs) contain toxic substances such as paint with lead or small parts, while on the other hand we learned that remove them from the toy store but you can find on the Internet.

At least that’s what has detected the American firm MarkMonitor dedicated to international surveillance of marks, which has warned that toys which have been withdrawn from the market in the United States are being sold or auctioned online.

He said have found 349 auction online lists four retired toys that are part of several dangerous items which we have already alerted the blog. Detected toxic toys are Dora the Explorer, Thomas the train, Elmo and Barbie with Tanner who lost small magnets set.

These are currently detected toys, it is more likely that also sold others that still not has been found since the withdrawals in recent months include a lot of toys.

Apparently, more than one scoundrel leverages the Christmas to sell toys with big discounts regardless of the effects that may cause in children.

For this reason, this year we must be especially stringent with toys that we choose to give away at Christmas, buy them in shops of confidence and ensure that they comply with all the security measures. And when in doubt, better review listings published by manufacturers.