Few days ago I commented the benefits that bring in the kids building games. They not only entertain but that among other things also contribute to promote the skill and mastery of the fine motor, as well as help them to be more orderly and better understand the world that surrounds them.

I found one construction called Oliblock toy brands that has a line of products very interesting and very different from the typical blocks of straight lines that all we know.

Oliblocks are a set of magnetic blocks to engage that they have been designed by the Architect Daniel Oakley with the idea of encouraging children to think in a dynamic construction. Basic parts have four different ways that give rise to all kinds of combinations, which helps stimulate the imagination of the small.

Within the range of products we can also find a mini version of the blocks and one that was particularly delighted that it is a 3D magnetic puzzle. In any of its forms, is an ideal gift to stimulate children in their architectural facet.