Playing is essential for children to grow learning much more than fun. It is joking that children learn and take valuable lessons for the rest of their lives. It is precisely because of the importance of play in children’s lives that the Child and Adolescent Statute protects this right. However, children with disabilities have difficulties in having this right fully fulfilled. Thinking of all this, a couple created a park with toys adapted for the disabled.

Couple creates park with toys adapted for handicapped

Keeping in mind the children with disabilities is that a couple decided to create the first park adapted for special children.Rudi Fischer and his wife, Claudia Fischer, thought this would be a beautiful initiative to deal with the pain of losing their 3-year-old daughter, Anna Laura, who was the victim of a car accident.

Park for the disabled was created in honor of the daughter of businessmen

The park with adapted toys for the disabled was named Anna Laura Parks for All, and was built in the unit of AACD (Association of Assistance to the Disabled Child) located in the neighborhood of Mooca.This very different park has 15 toys, among which you can count on adapted slides and swings that accommodate wheelchairs.

First disabled park is going to be used in other places in Brazil

The couple creates the first park with handicapped toys as a comforting gesture for the loss of their daughter, but the initiative has won many admirers and this tribute can pay much more.Now, the proposal has gained strength and can reach other cities in Brazil.

In addition to encouraging play, the toys in this park help children improve their motor skills and until the psychological part improves, as they feel part of the joke.