These days we are saturated with ads for toys, many of them from the so-called “technological”, but try to “diversify market” and think of everything that we can make ourselves at home… This Unicef Colombia catalog that we can consult online gives many ideas to create simple and fun toys.

The book is entitled “We make fun toys”, a primer that proposes to girls, children, young people and adults who develop together various toys using materials for recycling. Proposed games are intended for children between 4 and 12 years approximately.

We found 4 sections, thematic, and inside each of these games and Toys more than interesting.

The first paragraph, “What to do with a box”, We will give many ideas to turn a cardboard box into carts, theatres or gadgets to play traditional games and test the imagination and skill of the small.

The second section is titled “Swings”, and we find different ideas to create adapted to children, to create stairs, balance games… We also have the section “What to do with plastic containers”, with great recycling ideas and finally the paragraph “Dolls and puppets”.

In short, we find many simple ideas to have a good time with our children, and in addition to any time of the year… The fact that each proposal come explained graphically with drawings and step-by-step makes them an ideal to share together in family insytrucciones.