Parents, be prepared for what is coming, because (if you have not yet done so) your kids will definitely take over the iPad. Disney Mobile has had a great idea to create Disney AppMATes, an application that It allows to make iPad-compatible toys.

The new line of toys launched by the hand of Cars, creating a real car that moves in a virtual world using the iPad as a race track.

The cars incorporate connectors that activate the Reed capacitive iPad, as if it were playing with fingers. The iPad screen recognizes it and responds according to the movement and orientation of the car, creating scenarios that moves, the road, different roads and obstacles that will have to jump.

The series consists of six toys that will be sold in boxes of two cars with the main protagonists of 2 Cars, including Lightning McQueen, his best friend, Matt, spy Finn McMissile and the rookie Holley Shiftwell. Each box will have a price of $20 and will be sold as of October 1, Disney stores both the own Apple Store. The game will be free.

Just watch the video demonstration that you put below will be water mouth many children (and their parents). To me has left me hallucinating. And of course this newly is the beginning as the road opens to new forms of interactive play, at the risk of the iPad to be loaded.

That Yes, we will have to control their use, not likely to believe that all toys are compatible with the iPad screen.