Every time I am surprised less, while I continue think appropriate, see to increasingly younger children with the face attached to video games. We are going to see some options that we can offer to them until they fall into the clutches of these gadgets, which although they can entertain them for a little while, if used with addiction are not beneficial for their development.

That Yes, they are advice they need from our stock, It is that our company will always be better than the videogame, and although many times today it is difficult to spend much time to small, sure that this will be the most valuable of our time to enjoy it with them and teach them to have fun and grow as individuals.

  • The more great options, play in the open air. We incluirmos in their games or start them enjoy themselves of traditional games like camber, the hideout, the tello… or other entertaining and original games that happen to them. A good snack, original, that out a little from day to day, can help them to take that step in a fun way.
  • We read with them. Share moments of reading, either in comics or short illustrated stories, will let them take your imagination and enjoy fun and original stories.
  • We can also encourage them to create arts and crafts, Although we have never been experts in this, the network we can find many easy and practical ideas to share with the children. They do in school, and love, not how them to like coloring, cutting, pasting, decorate… at home with us? Here you can find some ideas.
  • Give them company, caharlar with them, that they are not alone: If we cannot, or need a time, another adult, grandparents, cousins, friends… can offer alternatives to video games.
  • Let us help with the housework. That home work for which exactly give us a break if they are entertaining, often with the video game, can become our ally. We can help with simple tasks, and love them to feel useful in this way imitating older people.
  • Teach them that there are many different games options on the Internet. To do this in Babies and more always give you ideas of educational and entertaining websites that can be read or create his tales coloring to learn Mathematics in a fun way.
  • At the time of the game, introduce several options: There is not only the world of the video game: traditional or modern games and other toys can capture their attention and help them to relax, have fun and learn. They only need to know that there are.
  • Also when it comes to entertainment in general, present several options: from the practice of a sport up to a cultural visit may be very nice.
  • Share with them the moments of television. All children have their favorite programs, which dazzle them, enjoy them with them so that they do not feel alone and seeking “refuge” in another box, the video game. But beware, are not going to fall into the same addiction to video games: tele time also needs to be selective and limited.
  • Let, on certain occasions, be they those who choose their toys. Surely there is something in the toy store attention-grabbing, they do not have to be electronic and it will be your own choice: you have to take advantage of!
  • If at the end to play the video game, there is that control the time making it and set limits, make them see that they are not alone with the gadget and of course ask friends and family that they do not give new games for this type of entertainment. No one better than parents to consider when should be and what should be the new game.

In any case, as always the use of video games do not have to be harmful if they are used in moderation, limited times and of course it’s games suitable to the age of the child. Therefore, we must not forget the ten commandments for a responsible for the video game purchase.

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