If you like the universe sapphires, you can not miss the latest addition to these fun collectible Dragons. New families and to the new image of the beloved characters of Tarakona is now added something else: Teddies sapphires are already at Simba!

Dragons Sapphires, Now Teddy

You can not only collect the friendly dragons that come in envelopes surprise. Now you can also do it with stuffed versions. We have up to six different characters that you can not resist. They are made of very soft plush dolls of 25 centimeters in height . It’ll hug them!

Dragons of Teddy sapphires are suitable for all ages. You can use them without any danger from babies with few months of life. And it is that no one can resist these adorable and charming little dragons of colors.

First of all we have the Princess Tara. It is pink and white and has a Golden Crown. Not missing your gemstone. Next Draki form the Royal couple occupying the Castle Twinklestone.

The second member of the Group of dragons of Teddy sapphires is Mareon. The dark Prince of night dragons, hence is its dark blue color. He also wears his gemstone and silver Crown, game with their wings.

But, in addition to the Princes, this collection of dragons sapphires is composed of a representative of each of the four new families:

  • Lavender is one of the components of the family of flower dragons. Its predominant color is yellow, while their wings are green and lilac.
  • ZEPHIR form part of the family of Ray dragons. This Fuchsia color sapphires likes to be accompanied by his friend Zirri, although, in this case, you can enjoy it to him only.
  • Berice is the dragon purple representing the family of the sapphires wind. With its White Wings you can imagine that you fly as high as you like.
  • Haze is the turquoise-colored sapphires. It belongs to the family of the ice dragon, in this case, it is their representative in the collection of sapphires of Teddy.

Remember that this season, in addition to the sapphires of Teddy and the new families that you’ll find in surprise envelopes, you can keep on collecting your favorite characters with sets of 4 figures with glitter.