The Ominus Is Designed For The Puren Air Fun, Has A Smart Design And Can Stick Some Way. Crashes And Crashes Are Quasi His Passion.

The entry-level drone Ominus is a MINI drone and a quadrocopter.The Ominus quadrocopter is produced under the label brand Dromida owned by Hobbico and distributed in Germany, for example, by Revelle GmbH.

The Ominus is equipped with a ready-to-fly complete package including remote control forklift, USB quick charger, LiPo battery and replacement propellers. The special feature of this quadrocopter: its propeller arms are made of flexible plastic-a kind of hard rubber and almost unbreakable. Only the power transmission to the propellers is a small weak point of the system. Because similar to the AR-Drone 2.0, the propellers do not sit directly on the engines, but are driven and supported by plastic gear wheels. There can quickly break teeth.The advantage of this design is that even if the shaft of the rotor should bend, it is not necessary to replace the entire motor, but only the shaft with the gear wheel.

As is the case with modern multicopters, the flight controller contains a three-axis and three-axis acceleration sensor, whereby the flight position can be independently stabilized. A GPS supported site stabilization (eg against wind) is not present and is not usual with MINI and Fun drones.

Due to the small design and robustness, the Quadrocopter is both indoor and outdoor capable. When flying in open terrain, however, it is absolutely necessary to keep an eye on the wind!

Different flight modes can be set from the beginner to the professional. Even overflows, so-called flips, can be carried out fully automatically at the push of a button.

Summary The Equipment:

Finished QuadrocopterHobbico Ominus Dromida Quadrocopter

Extreme stability and flight characteristics

Multiple flight modes-beginners, advanced, ambitious

Long flight times

Auto-flip button

Radiant LED lighting

Available in four different colors

Advanced stabilization system with three-axis and three-axis acceleration sensors.

Undervoltage alarm on model by means of LED

700 mAh 3, 7 V 1S LiPo battery

USB fast charger

2.4 GHz SLT remote control system

Replacement propeller

The fun mini-drone is available in four color combinations.

Test/Review/Review/Review/Buy Recommendation-Dromida Ominus

The airspace is boundless here-unpacking and starting directly. The MINI drone forgives any mistake-even the worst crash can not harm the small rubber animal. In the worst case a maximum of one propeller breaks-but even for that is replacement in the packaging.

Quickly build up with the colleagues or friends a small obstacle course (no matter whether inside or outside) and already it starts. Especially fun when several Ominus quadrocopters are in the air at the same time and small races are delivered. Of course, caution is also required here and a liability insurance is compulsory! Also suitable for young or older children who can handle it responsibly. But also for every adult a huge fun. Through the different flight modes one can improve oneself and more daring maneuvers fly.

Pieces of art are simply called up at the push of a button (looping/flipping)-no additional skill is required.

Also ideal as birthday or Christmas gift for young and old.

The quality and workmanship is really good and leaves nothing to be desired. The price is reasonable and the delivery leaves nothing to be desired.

For Revelle, the Quadrocopter is supplied per different color under the following order numbers: Revell 26600, Revell 26601, Revell 26602, Revell 26603

Suggested Composition/Optional Components

For 14.99 € one can buy one or more  replacement batteries to extend the flight pleasure as desired

Further accessories are not necessary-it is included in the overall package.