Saving journal colleagues, who are always abreast of the best tricks to make us save, tell us something that may interest you if you have to make a gift in the next few days.

Famous has launched the Nenuco Descuentuco, through which Returns you half of what was spent in Nenuco toys. It is valid only during this month until 31 May.

To take advantage of this discount, you must save the ticket purchase and before the first 15 days of June send it by mail or scan it along with the coupon promotion that is printed from the website of the brand. To meet him they will make you a transfer by half the value of what you have spent. It is only valid for a DNI and current account.

It’s a good opportunity if you have to make a gift to a girl, who tend to be the more passionate by babies and accessories of the brand, especially for more expensive toys, since the the 50 percent discount It could be considerable. In the times that run, it is not to despise.