FNAC It is one of the restaurants with more references and sales of books, music and video, among other things, despite what this sector has been reduced its sales. His commercial career has always been rising and at Christmas time when more noted, but this year they further put their sights, because as a test pilot, van to take advantage of this Christmas campaign to launch the sale of toys, but only through your website.

It is a new business for FNAC Spain, but play safe, as the French subsidiary is already expert in the sale of toys. To carry out this new commercial land, they have made an agreement with the wholesaler Eurekakids. They start with some 400 references from educational toys

It is a good bet to diversify the business, although the toys are currently controlled under the magnifying glass, especially by parents. Request a toy online holds surprises when they arrive home. You are energetic @ purchase these items online?