The versatile doll furniture delights the small doll owners. The range includes an extensive range of baby dolls with cots, changing tables and high chairs. In addition, boys and girls find many furnishings for small and large doll houses and apartments.

HABA Magical Doll Furniture Set

So complete baby room can be dolls furniture build and establish or equip the homes of toy dolls.

HABA Magical Doll Furniture Set 1

The detailed products made from wood or plastic watch to many commercially available dolls of famous brands such as PTO, Barbie, or HABA. You are well-suited for playing situations and offer many different ideas.

HABA Magical Doll Furniture Set 2

In addition to doll furniture, there are numerous products from HABA (?) and Disney Princess toys and Minnie mouse toys in his colorful toy world. Immerse in the varied range of toys and thereby discover the magical doll furniture and furnishings!

HABA Magical Doll Furniture Set 3