Holmenkollen, Norway

Operating year-round, the Holmenkollen ski resort is a very popular place among sports lovers and not only. The place attracts tourists both with tracks, the total length of which is about 500 meters, and with a bewitching view of the city from the top of the world-famous springboard. Numerous competitions are also held here, accompanied by an atmosphere of celebration and fun. The resort is suitable both for a relaxing family holiday in small comfortable cottages, and for a fun pastime in a noisy company. See educationvv.com for education and training in Norway.

How to get there

Getting here will not be difficult for anyone. The ski resort can be reached by metro from the center of the capital Oslo on line number 1 to the first stop called “Holmenkollen”.

You can also get there by car in just 15-20 minutes. From the ring road, exit at Smectad and follow the signs towards the ski resort.

Cuisine and restaurants of Holmenkollen

Norway is famous for its seafood, so the cuisine here is 80% fish: salmon, cod, herring. Arriving in Norway, you should not be surprised that ordinary oatmeal is served here as an exquisite delicacy. Traditional Norwegian dishes, semolina or oatmeal with cream and raspberries, are served here on special holidays and are placed in the center of the table. In the restaurant, you should also try the local sausage stuffed with rice porridge with raisins.

There are many cozy restaurants and cafes in Holmenkollen where you can warm up after a walk through the winter forest, ski slope, have a delicious lunch and just relax in a pleasant company of friends. Holmenkollen Restaurant is one of the most popular and most expensive restaurants in the area. The prices here are justifiably high: the interior is complemented by an invaluable view of the city, and the cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent. Here you can enjoy traditional Norwegian dishes, order a cup of coffee and warm yourself by a real fireplace.

A more economical option is Kafé Seterstua. The cuisine of this pleasant place offers cold and hot dishes, homemade apple pie is famous in these parts.


The resort has the world’s first ski jump, on top of which there is now an observation deck. With a special license, experienced skiers can use the ski jump for its intended purpose, for inexperienced, but in need of adrenaline, a special simulator has been created. There is also a biathlon track here, where the Biathlon World Championship has already been held several times.

Entertainment and attractions of Holmenkollen

Although Holmenkollen is primarily a ski resort, there are several tourist spots worth visiting. Among the popular ones, one can single out the oldest Ski Museum in the world, opened in 1923. Here, tourists are presented with the oldest and longest skis, as well as numerous stories and legends about expeditions to the North Pole. Nature lovers aspire to the Vøringfossen waterfall, which is 183 meters high.

But the most interesting attraction of the resort is the huge stone troll Kollen, the hero of Norwegian children’s fairy tales. A huge stone monster somehow came out of his forest and he liked this place so much that he decided to stay and protect it from evil spirits. Even a personal website on the Internet is dedicated to the local pet. Small figurines with his image can be bought in the souvenir shops of Holmenkollen.

Holmenkollen, Norway