What is the best quad child in 2016? This is the question we will answer in our test… Achild electric quad is considerably more interesting than a little heat quad when it comes to choosing a vehicle for children.Indeed, the  quad child heat is often too noisy and too polluting since it works with gasoline.In addition, its maximum speed can quickly reach 50 km / h or more. The electric quad then became the solution for the children to drive these vehicles as a great but with more security. Furthermore, the quad for children is now available in several models on the market.

You will find both electric quads for girls and boys of all ages, and even baby electric quad. This device operates using a motor, a rechargeable battery and an electric only assistance. Its engine is very quiet. This type of vehicle is also very comfortable and easy to handle. Nevertheless, there are many criteria to consider before making the purchase of an electric quad for children. Through this article, we’ll help you make the right choice of an electrical cheap quad (quad bike, 12v electric quad, pocket electric quad…)  and we will present the differences with other modes of child electric vehicles as child electric car, electric 4 × 4 child, the child kart electric bike or electric scooter.

Hat is a child electric quad?

The electric quad child also called quad pocket is an electric vehicle with three or four single-seater or tandem wheels for children over two years. It is both the child and the car mini motorcycle child. It has 4 large wheels, two directional and handlebars with different commands. He walks with a dc motor and batteries. It then generates no expense as for the purchase of fuel. This means that the vehicle is interesting to please your child but making savings. Just charge the battery to operate the motor. The battery charging time depends on the model and quality. Their autonomy also varies the power of your ATV and use. Also, unlike a conventional quad, electric quad pays a smaller speed. All this in order to guarantee the safety and comfort of the small driver.

A child electric quad was designed to be easy to handle. Simply just that the child gets used and becomes familiar with the device to control speed management, change direction, stop and reverse. All this is learned very quickly, in a few minutes drive. You already have all the necessary accessories for it. You have at your disposal a handlebar, easy to navigate to turn the wheels toward the desired direction, there is also a handle or throttle trigger depending on the model to set the speed and the brakes to stop the machine. Some models have a button for reverse.Regarding the balance, you do not have to worry because this vehicle is very stable with four large wheels. The child can sit comfortably in the saddle quad, feet on large footrest and start the engine. Like cars, quad starts with a simple key movement. When you press the trigger, the engine running and the vehicle ahead. At first it is advisable to avoid rapid acceleration to prevent a sudden fall. The engine does not sound might bother others. It does not escape of gases that pollute the air. Not only quad child electric as the 4 × 4 children for luxury (Hummer, Ducati, BMW…) is easy to drive but also very environmentally friendly as different brands: Quad Cobra, Peg Perego, T Rex, Feber, Quad Panthera Quad Polaris Outlaw Quad Kawasaki, Razor, or Quad Quad Custom Motors Nitro for taller. (more information here  or here )

This kind of vehicle can be used wherever you want. In the courtyard outside, on vacation, on the beach … the kids are sure to enjoy driving these playful devices.If you bring the camera on holiday, you can use this machine for walks in the countryside but also in the forest. An electric quad all terrain child even be used on the beach. This conveyance is perfect for a nice walk outdoors with family.

Advantages and disadvantages of a child electric quad?

The child electric quad like electric buggy is a vehicle with many advantages not only for users but also for the environment. The neighborhood will not be hindered by this machine thanks to its quiet motor. It is also ideal for traveling and riding on any road. It has been designed to ensure the safety of your children and ease of use. It can also be a fun tool for small to spend a little time relaxing. To prove the quality of this vehicle, discover below its many advantages and few disadvantages.

Electric quad benefits

  • It is easy to drive
  • It features a quiet motor
  • It is more economical
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It ensures comfort
  • It ensures security with parental controls
  • It is stable
  • A more robust electric pocket bike
  • It is all terrain
  • It is lighter
  • It has a long battery life
  • It is fun
  • There are models for babies and children
  • Its top speed is suitable
  • It has a nice design
  • It offers an excellent quality / price ratio

Disadvantages of electric quad

  • Its transportation is not easy
  • It is bulky
  • Some models have a short range of battery

How to choose a 12v electric quad?

With the wide range of electric ATV models that have emerged, it becomes hard to choose which one suits you the most. Of course, you must take the model that attracts the most attention to the design. But the choice depends not only on the appearance of the quad and preferences. It is also essential to check different points before choosing your quad 12V or 24V. If you are buying an electric quad child , you need to consider the age of your toddler. Power, safety and soundness and approval are also very important points. Otherwise, you need to consider your budget. Indeed, the price varies depending on the model. However, rest assured because in reliance on selection criteria that we will discuss, you will surely find a good electric quad cheap and comfortable.

The power

The engine is a very important point to look for when considering buying an electric quad. It is recommended to take a vehicle with a maximum speed of about 18 km / h for electric quad children, the most suitable speed. Engine power ensures its quality. A powerful engine should generally be equipped with a quality battery with a broader scope. This makes the vehicle more convenient and allows a long trip. Anelectric quad 800 W is more autonomous example compared to electric quad 500w since they are accompanied by a varied battery power.

Similarly, these devices usually have battery having different powers. You can find models of electric quad 12V to electrical quad 24V to 36V electric quad. The key is to choose the most secure version corresponding to the age of your child.


Before buying a baby electric quad or quad child , it is necessary to ensure that it gives a minimum of security for you or your child. To this end, it is advisable to check the quality of the tires. It is also important to ensure the stability of the vehicle, to prevent falls when riding on a slope or rough roads. Also remember to check that the quad is equipped with brakes, rearview mirror or a reverse gear.


Of course, before you buy your mini electric quad, make sure that it is robust enough to support you or to support your child. It is advisable to take note of the maximum load carried by the vehicle. Also remember to check the materials used for the design of the quad.The more your electric quad will be solid, plus you have the option to use longer and no matter the road conditions.


When we speak of comfort, we especially want to refer to the size of the quad. Note that the size of these vehicles is very varied. You have a model M, L, XL or XXL. We must know how to choose the right size to that of your toddler to ensure comfort.The distance to the handlebars must be adequate for easy driving. In addition, the comfort also depends on the quality and shape of the chassis. The seat and footrest should agree to the forms driver.

The approval

We recommend you especially to opt for an electric quad approved as for buying a dirt bike. We recall that the approved road quad suitable for standards on circulation. It is far more practical and safer than other models. It performs many safety conditions before being registered.

Video Test Peg Perego Polaris Quad Child

Baby Electric Quad: Questions / Answers

Power Quad risky child or not?

The quad child electric attracting more and more parents but many are still reluctant to buy such vehicles. We must first know that ATVs are motorized vehicles perfectly suited to small. Parents can choose from 6 v electric quad for toddlers, the electric quad 12 vx 2 for toddlers over three years, the electric quads 12 vx 3for children 6 to 10 years and older. In addition, ATVs are vehicles four wheel all terrain. In other words, this type of electric motorcycle child has a high stability to minimize the risk of falls. The top speed generally does not exceed the 18km / h.The machine is also easy to use, handy handle, acceleration and brake knob, seat and footrest comfortable. For added safety, the accessories like port helmets are highly recommended. The only concern will be to transport quads in various fields of outdoor games.


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