Hubsan X4 H107 Mini Quadrocopter: First Impression, Test And Review

Fun for boys and girls who never want to grow up: The Hubsan X4 MINI-Quadrokopter scores especially when there is no place for large quadrocopers. However, the Hubsan X4 is also very versatile in the open, so the next battery charge is not long in coming. We feel the popular MINI quadrocopter on the tooth and explain why the agile dwarf is so popular among quadrocopters. Attention: new model 2014: look at Amazon.

Processing And Material

In its latest version, the Hubsan X4 comes in a white package including logos, imaging and all sorts of accessories. The Hubsan X4 H107C is available in three colors: red/silver, black/red and black/green. The very light Chassie of the Quadrokopters is made of plastic, which can push even harder shocks effortlessly away. In contrast, the supplied propellers consist of rather soft plastic so that they can bend quickly in the event of a crash or an enemy contact. Especially for beginners and beginners, it is advisable to purchase cheap replacement propellers already in advance. In addition to the purchase of additional propellers, the purchase of several batteries is also recommended.

Assembly And First Start

As a ready-to-fly RTF quadrocopter, a complex design is not necessary. Only the propellers must be screwed onto the correct motors with a small marking. Afterwards the batteries have to be inserted into the remote control car and the Hubsan X4 is already ready for its first maiden flight. ATTENTION: We recommend a calibration of the airfield sensors before every start and especially after every minor crash or battery exchange! This is the only way to safely and reliably control the MINI quadrocopter. Our test device could not even move reliably without calibration. The procedure for calibration is indicated on the attached note and is very easy to design.

Specifications X4 H107

Size: 60×60 mm

Weight: 18 grams

Battery: LiPo battery 240 mAh / 3.7 Volt

Transmitter: 4-channel remote control at 2.4 GHz

Other: 6-axis gyrometer, 4x coreless motors

Flight time: seven to eight minutes

Charge time via USB: approx. 25 to 30 minutes

Flight Behavior And Fun Factor

The fluency of the Hubsan X4 makes it very easy to make the right calibration. Extremely agile as well as rapid roll, pitch and roll movements train the understanding for controlling a multicopter and at the same time prepare flight fun at a high level. It goes without saying that the Hubsan X4 does not only look good in narrow living spaces, but also outdoors. Our test device could be effortlessly controlled in distances of 100 meters. Thanks to the bright LEDs, an excursion with the Hubsan is also an exciting experience at dusk and even night.


The simplest version of the Hubsan X4 has been reworked and now has different colored LEDs and minor improvements in the chassis area. The H107 X4 M2 called Quadrokopter is available for less than 50 Euro and thanks to the latest 6-axis flight control is not only very agile, but also quiet and safe control. In this case, the pilot can adjust the circling sensitivity to a scale from 0 to 100 at will, and can adapt the flight behavior according to the application and the environmental influences.

Hubsan X4 H107C

In contrast to the Hubsan X4 H107 M2, the Hubsan X4 H107C has an integrated camera with a resolution of 0.3 megapixels, with the help of which smaller aerial photographs can be produced. The comparatively low quality of the camera, however, does not allow high-quality aerial recordings and can only be used as a nice gimmick.

Hubsan X4 H107D

Also a ready-to-fly FPV variant offers Hubsan with the X4 H107D.This model differs in smaller details, which ultimately have a great effect in itself. The 4.3-inch monitor integrated in the remote control allows the display of real-time aerial photographs.

Summary And Conclusion

The price-performance ratio of the Hubsan X4 is extremely convincing, even if the MINI-Quadrokopter in the field of professional aerial photographs can not deliver any significant results. However, the Hubsan X4 might be worth it for beginners looking to purchase larger multi-heads with an FPV and camera system. A comprehensive range of spare parts can also be used to eliminate crashes and crashes, which makes it easy to learn how to control a multi-user with the Hubsan X4 And can be conveyed in a playful manner.