Apparently, Galician educators apply for jugueteros entrepreneurs that they manufactured toys that speak in Galician, an example would be the dolls. In addition, are asked to eliminate prejudice in favour of better learning of languages, as would be the children easier to learn through toys.

Curious news that affects not only the toy field, is also requested in broadcasting that mostly used instead of Galician Spanish. We do not know if will be conforming the jugueteros with this request, because manufacturing scheme would break and several problems could arise.
Anyway is a fair request for those who want their toy to speak their language, although we think that everyone should speak English perfectly. This may be a reason for even more expensive toys, not those of this campaign but those of the next, because quite buoyed are already.

Toys are an international product except when being included language, surely this application will generate all kinds of opinions favorable and negative, nationalistic toys, educational toys, what do you think about this application?