With The Jamara Loky Quadrocopter, Beginners And Beginners Can Enjoy For Small Money The Fpv View. What The  Jamara Loky Fpv Ahp +Quadrocopter In Addition To The Fpv Point Of View Still Has, Our Quadrocopter Review Review.

First Person View FOR Beginners

Only the few fun and toy quadrocopters can transfer the live image of the camera to a mobile ground station or an FPV spectacle or an FPV monitor. An exception is the Jamara Loky FPV AHP+Quadrocopter, which is supplied with at least one FPV monitor and color LCD display.Spectacular FPV experiences are to be made salonable and also accessible to beginners. In practice, the charming Loky succeeds quite well, because the image transmission is transferred almost without delay to the decoupled FPV monitor. Only the image quality left something to be desired, but is also not necessary in this price class.Optionally, the FPV monitor can be plugged into remote control or externally. The included memory card can store photos and videos in resolutions of 640 x 480 pixels at the push of a button. The range is around 80 meters.

Rtf Quadrocopter With Comprehensive Delivery

In addition to the decoupled 2.4 GHz camera system and monitor, the Jamara Loky comes with a microSD card with four gigabytes of memory, a remote control helicopter, a flight charger, a USB charger, four spare rotor blades and a USB card reader on relationshipsplus. The rotor diameter of the Loky is 130 millimeters, while the weight of 142.6 grams is quite easy to describe. The battery is, on the other hand, with a capacity of 700 mAh at first sight somewhat under-dimensioned, but ensures in practice for a more or less appropriate flight time of approximately 12 to 13 minutes.

Great Flight Characteristics

The Loky can fly art figures (eg 360 degree somersaults) and is stabilized by an integrated gyroscope. The Loky does not have a GPS module. However, the built-in AHP + mode facilitates control. This is an automatic orientation mode with automatic return. In this way, the Fun Quadrocopter can still maintain the flight direction programmed at the start, even during the return flight. So you do not have to rethink what makes the manual control especially for inexperienced pilots much easier. Intelligent LED lighting and undervoltage warning are the only safety features that the Loky Quadrocopter has. However, in view of the favorable acquisition costs, too, one should not place too high a claim. The flying characteristics of the Loky are extremely agile and nevertheless also smaller wind blasts.


The Loky from Jamara comes with smaller and nevertheless worth seeing features, which are just worth for beginners and beginners pilots. The Fun Quadrocopter is characterized by high flight agility and stable flying characteristics. The FPV system is the small icing on the cake and, despite the low image quality, can be convincing above all in view of the low purchase costs.

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