Among The Fun And Toy Quadrokopters There Are Now A Lot Of Copies. With The Jamara Skip 3d Quadrocopter, Add A New Model That We Once Looked For More Exactly. One Step Forward: The Skip 3d Makes Fun, Fun And More Fun!

Flying Insect Up To 40 Km/H Fast!

The Skip 3D Quadrocopter from Jamara ranks among the tiny ones in the multicopter world and is to convince by great flying qualities and smaller art pieces. With a weight of only 30.4 grams and small dimensions of only 18.5 centimeters (diameter), the insect-like Jamara Skip 3D is also suitable for indoor flight. But also outside, the Skip 3D makes a great figure with great flying characteristics with a speed of up to 40 km/h, a range of 80 to 100 meters and great art pieces. The flight time unfortunately only 7 to 10 minutes, so we can recommend the purchase of additional batteries absolutely.

No Camera, For Art And Head Over Flight

The Jamara Skip 3D does not have a camera, though. But even without the FPV view and aerial photographs you have fun with the little tiny little one. Among other things, the Jamara 3D can perform flip-somersaults at the touch of a button and stabilize itself again. Apart from this, the Jamara Mini-Quadrokopter can also be brought into the back flight by the push of a button. Then the quadrocopter turns and flies on the head. However, you do not have to rethink, because thanks to intelligent adjustment, the usual control commands are retained even in the Kopfüber flight. Kopfüber can be started and landed the Jamara 3D by the way-great thing that not every fun quadrocopter can! In addition to the skip function, the mini-jamara can also perform smaller artifacts-approximately 360-degree flip-somersaults.

The control is relatively simple with remote control helicopter and integrated gyroscope. The Jamara Skip 3D Quadrocopter does not have GPS, barometer or other stabilization and orientation systems. In this respect, it is worthwhile for beginners, who  want to get into thecontrol of a multicopter by means of a favorable quadrocopter  and do not want to fear high costs after impacts, crashes or crashes.

Conclusion And Recommendation

The Jamara Skip 3D makes your mood in the living room or office.We can highly recommend the Mini Quadrokopter, because with a price of only 66, -Euro (UVP) you can not go wrong. The Winzling is robust and shockproof and convinces with great special functions, which are quite a lot of fun. When buying this quadrocopter, you should only order a few extra batteries to keep the flight longer.

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