With the arrival of the end of the year Lego brought news to consumers and especially to the collectors of the brand.Whoever admires the Lego-rich toys can now purchase the special editions of Christmas, with limited sales.

Among them stands out the Pet Shop, in which the launch reproduces a shop selling animals, including dog, cat, bird and even an aquarium.The building has the possibility of moving one of the three floors to have access to the dwelling of the “owner” of the unit.The package is also composed by a neighboring building, in which there is a painter giving the last finishes in the reform.And to complete a rare and diverse piece: a green bike.The price of the product is valued at around R $ 899,90.

Another launch that promises to fuel sales is the Winter Village Bakery.In it you can find pieces that imitate baguettes, croissants and breads.A snow owl and a horse pulling cart are other details to grace the scenery.Already to provide a Christmas air, a frozen lake is used as a skating rink.To make the toy even more modern, the kit features the Brinck Light technology, which truly illuminates the bakery’s showcase.The novelty is available for the price of $ 299.90.

For vehicle lovers, Lego brought the latest launch of the Creator line.The model has three possibilities of assembly and counts on a site in English that gives tips to innovate the production.The toy is in the range of $ 239.90.