I have already told that we should ask many questions before buying a toy, and some of them can get response in the search engine of which you speak then. Making a play on words with the “vademecum”, we have the website of “Ludomecum”, in which are collected more than 1,500 toys sorted by pedagogical criteria in several search engines.

It aims to be a tool for parents, teachers, educators and all those interested in the world of the game and toy and its importance in the development of children. That is why it focuses on educational toys, and offers different types of search.

We can Search toys by selecting among nine strips of age and type of game, areas of development or curriculum areas involved. The universal search can be done through four different courses:

  • Name of toy.
  • Manufacturer’s name (includes more than 40 different brands)
  • Type of toy (sensory and movement, imitation, artistic, building games…).
  • Age to which it is addressed.

Each toy is reviewed using a tab where, in addition to be described in detail, are classified according to the criteria of age to which it is addressed, its typology, abilities which stimulates children and most suitable use in the school curriculum.

In addition to Search in Ludomecum, this vademecum of toys, Don’t miss our review by toys recommended for each age or the Guide to quality toys and games and all the tips that you often bring about games for kids.