Today begins in Santiago de Compostela a very interesting exhibition to share with our children, it is of Memories of a childhood. Iconic toys that marked several generations of children occur in the space for the art box Madrid in Santiago de Compostela.

Surely the vision of these toys bring moments of nostalgia to parents and will be an interesting way that children know toys that parents used to enjoy during their leisure time. Another interesting element is the possibility of introducing children into a different world where toys helped avoid sedentary life, enhance the imagination and sociability.
It would be interesting for the toy industry to recover some of these toys, moving away a little technological era that, although highly beneficial does not contribute effectively to a proper development of children.

Until 11 January next year, such popular toys as the doll Mariquita Perez, cut-outs, children’s books, games table, planes, boats, cars, plush toys, puppets, trains, etc., may be referred to being a great toy exhibition spanning an entire century. A total of 700 Spanish pieces that will surely excite the children.