There are many efforts being made to assist certain organizations solidarity for children in the third world, one of them is that the hypermarket chain Auchan with the sale of toys solidarity, of which 0.25 euro cents (for the price of each toy) goes to the Foundation Save the Children which will invest that extra help to improve the appalling conditions to which children are subjected.

More Solidarity Toys on Sale to Help the Foundation Save the Children

Last year this retail chain raised 27,000 euros for the NGOs and this year It has increased the range of solidarity toys intended to increase sales and thus the donation to Save the Children. Somehow we find it supportive, although it a little outraged that aid is conditional sales, children need help today, tomorrow perhaps it is late.

27,000 euros is a ridiculous sum for a commercial chain of this magnitude, could make a donation without having to wait for the sales. If you really want to demonstrate the solidarity which are, to not hide in the sale of a few toys and advance that help.

Agree, they are not obliged to anything but clarify an issue is needed morally, when someone help selflessly, with respect, understanding and concern, you don’t throw to the four winds that is collaborating. It does and feels good with itself, with the NGOs is different, they are calling for help and already do humanly possible, but good, less is nothing.

Be supportive but really necessary aid today is not conditioned by the sale of a toy and be offered tomorrow, perhaps it is late.