Since Alex Criville proclaimed himself world champion of the 500 cc in 1999, Repsol moto for children made in Ibi (Alicante), is still a toy best sellers for Injusa, family business specializing in wheeled vehicles.

Repsol moto has not suffered many changes in 7 years that has been manufacturing, there is a recommended for children over 3 years old, featuring 6-volt battery and another for over 7 years of 24. The change that most you will see this year is already not carrying legend Movistar, which ensures that you will not have any prejudice, and more due to the good season of professional runners carrying a bike like this, but really, as Dani Pedrosa, third in the Moto GP World Championship.
This issue will be that the company not engaged nor a euro to advertise his toy star, because two years ago they did and sales were the same.
Is considered a toy best sellers at the moment 4,000 are distributed, and in the case of the Repsol bike, this year will be distributed no less than 7,000 units and are priced at 139 euros..

Licenses granted to toy companies are a guarantee that these toys will go to market successfully, this is a clear example, but there are many more. The shelves of the manufacturers are all empty, now are toys shops and supermarkets which will go on view children’s toys of your dreams.