Many toys ads broadcast sexist models. We see girls playing “girl things” like take care of babies, cook or play House, while children prefer balls, trucks and cranes. In fact, they are deeply rooted concepts we often hear also in other areas.

But from time to time someone lights up and gives the key with a strong message, as it has happened with the Christmas campaign of the French supermarket chain Systeme U, which knocks down all those sexist stereotypes. Comes to say that toys are not children nor girls: are only toys, tools for the game.

We are adults who eat in them those stereotypes sexist, through ads, our speech and of course, by the example we take at home. At the beginning, the video shows to what point are conditioned children by social conventions. Hence the importance that we, the responsibility that we have parents and all adults, to educate our children free from prejudice.

Because, what really happens when we left the kids with toys? Because playing with everyone, they experience, because toys are that, nothing more (and nothing less) tools for the game.

The game is the most important activity in childhood. Through toys children not only to play but also to learn and rehearse situations in real life, through symbolic play. Vacuuming and change the diaper a baby, perfect like a child. That driving a crane or operating tools, Super also like a girl. Liberate the children of sexist stereotypes!