We are at Christmas, dates give and receive gifts above all by children, who receive with enthusiasm the gifts that have asked in the letter from Santa Claus or the three kings.

This is at least what we always thought, however seems to be that not all ilusionan and that when there are too many, the illusion is focused on two or three gifts, leaving little for the rest.

Dr. Alfonsa Lora, Member of the Spanish Association of Paediatrics of primary care (AEPap) and an expert on attention deficit and hyperactivity in children and adolescents made a few days ago a statement in this regard in which said that “children tend to choose a single toy, maximum two. The rest, considered them accessories and, if he saw them at a friend’s House, would like, but in his no longer. They have lost interest”.

Recently participated in an information campaign together with the Spanish society of outpatient pediatrics and primary care (Sepeap) in order to remember that children do not need a lot of toys, but someone with whom to play: “a child hasn’t chosen to be alone if you have someone with whom to play. We must think whenever more expensive gift in the world will never cover the absence of a playmate, especially if these are parents. An example are clear balls, despite its long history as a toy, is still at the top of the list because it represents precisely game company, teamwork, open air and negotiation… All that a toy can be asked”.

He commented also importantly avoid, to the extent possible, those elements that function as “isolate” of the children. 40% of children have a television in your room and that makes that it miss much contact, long game and much dialogue with parents: “Change this gift by a bicycle and take you to family or friends stroll the promenade or any nearby Greenway”, said.

I agree with the commented by Dr. Lora as the 25th almost had to convince my son to continue opening other gifts… Once opened two, he was playing with them and I had to insist that there were others open.

Recuero even a situation in which, being little Jon, when you open a gift had more fun with the box and the packaging than the gift itself (which is what I wanted to show in the illustration).

Children who want, more than anything in the world, It is to be with their parents and feel loved, beloved, heard and understood.

Against what most people think, they are not born need material things to satisfy their lives. We, the system and in general throughout society that we create to those needs. Toys are a very effective tool for the development of children, its fun and its learning, but as they say from Aepap, it is preferable to give few toys.

Personally, I have to confess this topic so have been quite badly. Many adults for few children and all want to give…