In any of the recent family gatherings to celebrate Christmas, don’t you have the impression that your children did not have time to assimilate the gifts they received? They had just opened one, and already had another waiting to be developed. The avalanche of holiday gift becomes to comply in more or less average.

I have proven that it is so, not giving children time to realize everything what you have given them. And this more even if they joined several days in a row in which receive gifts (today in your family, tomorrow in my house…).

In fact, at the time of writing these lines I realized that, not only are my daughters who do not remember all the gifts he has received, but that I myself had forgotten that we keep at the time. And is that We have decided to “rationing the toys received at Christmas.

This year perhaps not we insist too on making us lack clothes. We already had to set aside some of our gifts (“small” gifts) because we considered that they had received an avalanche of toys. Some gifts we give you in Holy week, others in summer, might even some to your birthday.

But we are going to do that well with some gifts receiving Yes and which, however, do not remember them, them they have not requested or mentioned. There are also some who consider that they are not appropriate for their age, so also expect paragraphs to get the right time.

These past days have been many, too many gifts. A phrase of my three-year-old daughter caught my attention when, after having performed a few, as even a gift was her little sister, she asked for more. “Do you think little?”, I asked. “Yes, it seems to me little” I said.

Insurance that does not understand the scope of these words, and only repeat what I had told him, but that sense of “everything is little” is precisely that we try to avoid and would not in the future, they would think that take everything and more is normal.

So that to the rationing the toys received at Christmas We give them more use to them that they now use and will soon enjoy new ones. New, because not even remember having them in your hands. Sure that make them more excited than at their time, when they might not appreciate them.