Years ago that educational toys are being a success, being bilingual ones of the most demanded. I guess it’s because in Spain the English level is very low and the parents come to realize that English is a very useful travel resource, and go beyond, when it comes to simply communicate by phone or internet with people from other countries.

Given such demand, manufacturers are offering (logical, I would also do it) toys both in Spanish and in English, such as learning tables, books and CDs, dolls that speak both languages, etc..

Then we will see seven toys in Spanish and English for babies and children at the end, because I can not I be quiet, I tell you what I think of the theme.

My chatty computer

My chatty computer is a toy for children from 6 months onwards. Has large keys and different colors, as they tend to be toys for babies, to be struck by the children they emit sounds and display drawings on screen.

It includes songs, words, sounds and activities both in Spanish and English.

It has me Lily

Count with me Lily is a doll that is intended to be the friend of our children. With it you can learn numbers, counting from 1 to 10 and the colors in Spanish and English.

Pressing her belly we can hear songs and pressing on his left foot will change from one language to another.

Bilingual learning table

The bilingual learning table offers many activities focused on four areas represented by four caritas. According to the activity that is being carried out lights one or the other face, which will be at that moment it will interact with the child.

There are several game options and one of them is the learn English (or Spanish).

It is a table that really liked us (in my house), so we bought it a few years ago and we had it until a few months ago, although more ornament than anything else… I guess that my children prefer to play other things.

Talkative steering wheel

The chatterbox is a toy that emulates a vehicle. Has the steering wheel, change gears, lever to activate the blinkers, pedals (although it is given with the hand), all this sounds, with a few buttons that could be something as the destination to which propose arrive by car (supermarket, Park,…).

At home also had him because loved my children the subject of cars (driving as Pope) and We liked all. This one does is that it has depreciated, but in our case, the issue of language was secondary, because in fact it came in English and Portuguese.

Dora sings and dances

Dora sings and dances is a doll that, as has my Lily, communicates with children both in Spanish and in English, in the same way that makes it in drawings (although in the drawings mixed languages, something that makes me a little crazy).

Dora sings and dances to the rhythm of “we did it – We did it” and also offers games to small, talking, as we have said, also in English.

Kiddy English + CD

Kiddy English is a book that comes with the CD to enter already in the field, directly in English. It offers poems, stories, images, phrases and vocabulary in English for children are learning with the help of their parents. Is intended for children birth to age 9, and is created by Vaughan Systems, which have very good English courses for adults.

Sound farm

The sound farm is a toy with various buttons in animal shape that helps children recognize the names and voices of animals. In addition also can learn colors and numbers, all in English and Spanish.

Fun can Yes, useful, depends on

As I said at the beginning of the entry, the parents go after toys like these that work both in Spanish and in English. They even buy DVDs of drawings for children and put them in English.

The reality is that these toys can be as funny or as dull as that come only in Spanish, but not to come in English children are going to be more intelligent and will learn much more. Let’s say that they are only useful if one of parents, both, or the Kangaroo or caregiver speaks to the child in English. In this case toys or drawings can serve as a source of English or as a resource to play with children immersed in language.

Pretend that the child learns something when parents can’t speak English (or know it but don’t speak to the child) is to expect too much, so I personally only buy them if they liked us as a toy, which is what happened with the table and the steering wheel: when we buy them didn’t have no idea that they were in English, language that we never use (even the steering wheel (, which put it in Portuguese because it seemed more to Spanish).

I have no doubt that learning other languages is something beneficial for children, However so they can learn what is necessary to live naturally with language, and can interact with someone who respond in that language. If a child learns to say “network”, which is “red” in English, it is absurd that he receives as response: “well son, you know say red English!”. Grace would be that someone told him “Red, like this apple”, showing the Apple we have in hand or “network. “Your t-shirt is red too”, pointing at his shirt.