Seychelles – 115 Islands with Tropical Beaches

The Seychelles are a true gourmet’s paradise. Here you will find pleasures for many departures: sunbathing, diving, fishing, surfing or snorkelling. There is plenty to choose from on the 115 island beaches and peaceful coves.

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Seychelles – New Eden?

According to countryaah, the Seychelles archipelago, floating in the Indian Ocean, consists of about 115 islands, of which only 33 are inhabited. In terms of population, it is the smallest country in Africa, with almost 80% of the population living on the largest island, Mahéla. So it’s no wonder that a tourist might get an entire island for a while!

The islands of the Seychelles are not the most common of them: although Mahé and the surrounding islands are granite-based, other Seychelles islands, such as the Amirants, are in fact coral reefs. The most famous feature of Seychelles nature is the native animal and plant species, of which there are as many as 98 different species on the islands. In addition, more than a thousand different species of fish swim in the waters surrounding the archipelago. One could almost imagine the islands being the new paradise of Eden.

The diverse colorful fish is especially enjoyed by divers and snorkelers who spend wonderful moments in the clear waters of the Seychelles amidst coral reefs and fish swinging in the colors of the rainbow.

Although the most characteristic landscape of the Seychelles is the inviting beach lined with palm trees, there are other types of nature experiences in the archipelago. In the middle of the greenery you can get to know the nature of the archipelago and its many bird and animal species. You can get the most out of your trip by including two or three islands in your vacation, and you can explore more islands by flying or cruising from one island to another.

This will not make your beach paradise much better.

The climate in Seychelles is not disappointing

For its climate and scenery, the Seychelles is a true tropical paradise.

The tropical climate on the islands is hot and humid, but quite pleasant. Temperatures range from 25 to 30 degrees. In winter, from December to March, rainfall arrives on the islands with the northwest monsoon, and the dry season runs from May to October.

Short for SC by abbreviationfinder, the Seychelles have plenty of wind, but combined with the warm climate, the wind blowing from the sea provides a nice cooling. The least wind is in April and October. If you are planning a diving holiday in the Seychelles, the best conditions for water activities are in April-May as well as October-November, when the average water temperature is 29 degrees and visibility up to 30 meters.

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Holiday islands and beach paradises

For Seychelles, travel is primarily for a beach holiday, as the long white sandy beaches offered by the islands, the turquoise sea water and the long palm trees fluttering in the wind create the paradise landscapes longed for by many tourists. The islands and beaches are the strength of the Seychelles.

The islands can be found in the Seychelles to suit all tastes and each island has its own special characteristics. La Digue is an idyllic and scenic little island, and Denis Island is the cradle of luxury covered in palm trees.

Located on the main island of Mahéla, the capital Victoria is a small and charming capital with a few restaurants and nightclubs. The nightlife in Seychelles is not very lively, but the charm of the islands is based on tranquility and naturalness – and, of course, the stunning beaches.

Exploration trips in paradise

Although the beaches of the Seychelles are among the best in the world, it is worth cycling beach life on small exploration trips. The islands are rich in hiking trails and nature trails, and the Seychelles also houses two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Aldabra Atoll and the Valleé de Mai Nature Reserve.

The islands of Seychelles are largely unspoilt and nature reserve, so it’s not hard to find peaceful beach coves, nature trails and bird singing there. The sea is tempting to take part in a sailing trip.

Golfers also don’t have to spin their thumbs in the Seychelles, as they can spend sunny days on the 18-hole course.

The Seychelles’ own currency is the Seychelles Rupee. From the point of view of a Finnish tourist, the price level of a holiday destination is by no means particularly affordable, so for example, booking an all-inclusive package from a holiday destination may also be recommended for budgetary reasons.

Seychelles is a safe destination

From a tourist’s perspective, the Seychelles is fairly safe, but there are more and more pickpockets in popular tourist areas. Long-clawed people seize the property of a carefree traveler, especially on beaches and hotels, in addition to which even parked cars may be stolen. However, there are few violent crimes.

In addition to pocket thefts, tourists should take warning signs on beaches seriously, as swimmers, divers and snorkelers in particular should beware of dangerous sea currents.


The paradise beaches of the Seychelles cannot be reached by direct flights from Helsinki.

Flights and tours

There are several airports in the Seychelles, but the main international airport is located in Mahéla, about 11 km from the city of Victoria.

Flights to the Seychelles from Helsinki cost about 800–1200 euros. There are no direct flights, and usually a flight from Helsinki to the Seychelles includes one or two stopovers.

Luxury accommodation available

There are plenty of good quality hotels in the Seychelles archipelago, including peaceful spa hotels. Good hotels are especially located in Mahéla and there are also rental villas on offer. Many tourists dream of a private, beachfront holiday home that Seychelles comfortably offers.

The islands also offer some affordable budget accommodation. Many inns offer cheap rooms, but many locals living on the island also rent their homes to tourists at affordable rates.

Bike or drive along the island

There is little public transport in the smaller Seychelles. Only the main island, Mahél, has a comprehensive bus network, which is why taxis that are cheaper than the Finnish price level are often a good option for getting around.

Renting a vehicle is also a great choice. On the small Praslin, the easiest way to explore is by bike, but it’s worth renting a car to get around the main island of Mahen.


Palm trees bring variety to Seychelles ’coastal landscapes.


The most popular attractions in the Seychelles are the white sand coral beaches bordered on one side by an array of swaying palm trees and on the other by the turquoise blue sea. The main island of Mahé alone has several dozen beaches.

Aldabran Atoll

Aldabra Atoll consists of four narrow lagoons formed by a coral island. The large coral reef surrounding the archipelago is like a protective wall surrounding the atoll, so the atoll has remained quite intact to this day.

The atoll is inhabited by the world’s largest population of giant tortoises.

Valleé de Main Natural Park

Another point of interest, the Valleé de Main Natural Park, is located in the heart of Praslin Island. In the nature park, you can look at the remains of the original palm forest, for example.


The clear waters make Seychelles a great diving destination.


Try these in Seychelles

  1. Lounging on the beach
  2. Island jumping
  3. Diving and Snorkeling

Cons of the Seychelles

  1. Quiet nightlife
  2. The sun’s radiation is intense, making pale skin burn easily