How is the toy market!, exhausted… Now we found one of the toys that our son has asked for us. We have been looking for it more than two weeks and no way. Fortunately, a few days ago we received the call from one of the stores and they told us that they had brought us one, but when we introduce ourselves to pick it up, someone else who wanted to earn merits “took us” and sold it.

So we are again equal, but we have hope. And look, that toy is not anything of this world, good… perhaps Yes, as to our colleagues from Engadget have become echo of the FlyTech Dragonfly, they have even shown a video that you can see below.

It’s a robot shaped dragonfly, seems to be that it’s fun, it’s easy to use and resistant (for shocks that may occur during your flight).

In short, that it seems that it is one of the booms of these parties and we do not know if we we succeed or we will have to replace it. Perhaps you know some toy that is similar… or you’re with the same problem?, has been exhausted what toy for your child?