Saving journal partners always have some successful Council to let us save a few euros. Give us a story that can very well come face to the Christmas shopping: in El Corte Ingl├ęs we can find solidarity toys with up to 70% off.

Get ahead of the Christmas shopping is a good measure of savings, as well as avoid the last-minute crowds and risking not to find what you are looking for. But in addition, campaigns like this greatly facilitates us things, in case that does not look any toy in particular.

This is a selection of toys, from dolls to building games, of which 20% of the value of each toy will be donated to Unicef to contribute in a very simple way to realize the dreams of the less fortunate.

Take a look. You will find, for example, a building game Hello Kitty Simba that costs 68 euro with a 56% discount, which stays at 29.95 euros.