Have ever told you that you could not choose certain toys because they were only for boys (as)? Likely Yes. Why ‘should girls’ play with dolls and household items and not balls or cars?

Teddy Bear Gives Tips To Give Non-Sexist Children Toys For Christmas

The City of Valencia, in Spain, has just launched an attractive campaign where a cute Teddy bear is responsible for giving advice to not give away toys sexist. Here is their advice:

We already know that the best toy is one that helps to develop imagination and creativity, opening the door to a world of possibilities to explore, meet and dream. They are learning all about life! Here are some tips so that they play and live in equality.

I don’t want to tell you what to buy, because I do not know your taste, but yes I give you clues to start thinking in a different way about toys.

Rule number one. The most important of all. Banishes the expression “that is boys/girls, this is”.

When we suggest or show interest in any game or toy, let us simply show acceptance. What Maria want a truck? Not bad. What Angel calls a dryer? Not bad. With this we transmit them confidence in their own judgment and reinforce their self-esteem. And it is a way of saying: ‘ I love you for being you, not because you adapt to society. Be as you are, you’re important ‘.

How many fewer years have, easier it will be. You may have noticed as I do that the children start playing equally with trucks, babies, kitchenettes, blocks of construction, balls or body makeup. Such is the idea, to follow as well.

When they grow up are being more sensitive to the gender of the adult world messages. But not all is lost. We continue…

I know rebel. It takes the girls to the Blue Hall and the kids with pink

Although they have not asked us any toy ‘of the opposite sex’, is not more a ride by that other Hall, browse the other pages of the catalogues and go commenting on the options we see, what they do, how to play with that… Of course, have to show an open attitude towards any option, show normal. Sometimes we are asked only toys ‘ touched’ simply because they have not seen well other options. Or because they have internalized that there are things which they are entitled.

Girls, into the hallway of adventures. Guys, at Rose Hall. To see what we found!

Be your age and hobbies, not in their sex

When we have to give to someone, the first thing that we ask ourselves is if it is a boy or a girl. And we just buying another doll for her and another ball for him. If you look at the age, and especially in the hobbies of who is going to receive and the doors that you’re going to open, new ideas emerge. For example, a person of 5 years who love music: a piano. 9 years someone who is fascinated by the space: a telescope. A person from 3 years to hide: a flashlight. Truth no matter if they are boys or girls?

Choose the neutral option

Repeat: try to flee all pink for her and all blue for the. Especially in toys that should be totally unisex. Good thing that there are more colors. Why don’t we choose yellow skates? Or the ride (the devil Skate) Green? Or the wood mercadito?… or the Brown Teddy bear?

Debate on family

While we see the ads, can launch air questions: does anyone know why all babies ads targeting girls? Do you think that only the rose like girls? Why are action figures almost always male? The guys do not know cooking or what? There are super heroines no?

Try there is presence of female characters in the games ‘male’. And male characters in the games ‘ them’

A first step can be to accept a woman to leak in your fighter squadron. Or that at the meeting of the wrists occurs a handsome fellow. In the games they like whether that option, not missing them. Of course, it also helps that Pope play cooking and MOM to drive the spacecraft.

You are looking for a game in which you can participate children alike

If you have already grown accustomed to the world is divided into things of boys and girls, at the moment that have options that is easy to play mixed. They can be board games, nature games, sports, or games of imitation (look at the colors and themes, as I mentioned before).I will never forget that boy, Miguel, that I didn’t want to kick because the ball was pink. It made me think.

Be careful with the image giving the toys on the body of the woman and the man

Yes, I refer to measures impossible waist wrists or arms of the dolls. If you can avoid these toys, at least speaking about the topic. See clearly that this is not normal.Take care of your daughter or son self-esteem!

Your son or daughter has already made the list of gifts and you don’t have much room. And now that you review it seem all too sexist.

There is always room for manoeuvre. And you can go little by little. If it is a boy, for example, and asked an action doll, taking advantage of there thousand models, select that instead of competitiveness reward cooperation. A climber needs a team for their expeditions. And a firefighter never acts alone. For them, instead of choosing all types of possible princesses, what such a gymnast or an Explorer? Or better yet… not a super heroine?

But after much advice, I have to confess something. What to do to avoid gender discrimination is actually not do anything. Seriously, from the beginning, you don’t do anything, and you’ll see. Without adult intervention, with their prejudices and social norms, children would grow as it is: healthy, fun and equality. To see if we learn.