Long way to go, in policies, in advertising, in society in general… to achieve that sexism or discrimination by reason of gender disappear is a. Unfortunately these distinctions of gender, those stereotypes that are perpetuated, so starting with our children.

We need to help our children to educate in equality for that not to happen strange things as a pink thermometer costs us more expensive than the same one in blue, or that there are bags of potatoes for children and girls… In the world of toys, is typical distinction for children and girls, when in fact there are different toys for them, this is how we want to see them and teach them.

I recently had humorous, with the Quick Guide to find out if a toy is children or girls: if it is to play with the genitals is not a toy; If it is not to play with the genitals, it may be worth both for children and for girls.

The Andalusian Institute of women and the Andalusian Observatory of advertising not sexist have published this Ten Commandments for choosing non-sexist toys and games, within the game campaign and the toy non-sexist and non-violent. Ten tips to succeed in the election of the toy without falling into stereotypes and pass it on to our children so that they are not perpetuated.

  • Children learn playing. The game is free and spontaneous. There are no children or girls toys. Avoid those who transmit this idea.
  • There are no children or colors girls, only social labels that limit creativity. You choose the colors, do not let them choose them.
  • Try to choose toys that reflect the diversity of each person: we are equal, we are different.
  • Orienting in a good choice of toys also you are educating. Choose wisely, taking into account that they are safe, according to age and gender bias-free.
  • Choose toys that meet children and girls cooperating and sharing both public and domestic spaces. You will teach them to build a world more free and equal.
  • Give toys that help promote all the capacities and abilities of children, enabling both quiet games as requiring physical activity.
  • Search for games and toys that promote equality in the participation and development of feelings and affections, without differentiation, in children.
  • Avoid toys, games and violent video games. It educates to solve problems in a positive, constructive and creative way.
  • Sometimes the advertising displays images and values different from those who want to show them. It is important to listen to children and to children, must not ignore their requests, but does not say yes to everything.
  • Search for books, games, video games and toys that are appointed and are present boys and girls.

This week we had the celebration of the day of working women, and saw all the way that is done for our daughters. Let us not forget these tips on toys with which so much time our children pass these reflections so that, also in this way, we contribute to equality.

You would try flee from stereotypes and sexist toys? In your House all games and toys are “unisex”? Or you sucumbĂ­s to tradition, to the wishes of the children, what you give away the family…?