The Coolest Cocktail Tours Worldwide

Are you a passionate cocktail drinker and like to try out new varieties again and again? Then a little cocktail tour is just the thing for you! Whether in Amsterdam, Valencia or Hawaii – there are some unusual cocktail creations around the world that you should definitely try. I’m going to introduce you to the six coolest tours for cocktail lovers – you should definitely travel to these places!


According to, Amsterdam is a true paradise for cocktail lovers – here you will find numerous bars with special creations and a unique atmosphere. A very special tip is the ice bar , which attracts many tourists both in winter and in summer. Here you can drink delicious cocktails from an ice glass at minus ten degrees – of course, guests get jackets and gloves so that it is nice and cozy. Another good tip is the House of Bols, where you can find out everything about the famous “Bols Genever” schnapps. The oldest brand of brandy in the world is part of many cocktails and has been made in Amsterdam since 1575. In addition to picture exhibitions, the small museum also has a small bar that serves the famous Genever cocktail. Passionate cocktail drinkers get their money’s worth here!



In Valencia you can expect not only great sights and delicious tapas, but also first-class cocktails. In the nightlife district of El Carmen there are numerous bars and pubs where you should definitely try the national specialty “Agua de Valencia”. The popular cocktail consists of sparkling wine, white alcohol and pressed orange juice – the perfect drink for the summer! Of course there is also a portion of tapas – everything tastes much better this way 😉 Make sure to check out the ROA cocktail bar, which is located on Calle Salamanca. There are not only inexpensive cocktails but also free shots!


If you want to experience a superlative cocktail tour, you should take part in the cocktail cruise in Hawaii. On the one and a half hour trip on a catamaran, there are first-class cocktails and a great sunset to watch. So you can let the Waikiki coast act on you from the water and relax with a few drinks. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? By the way, you also have to treat yourself to a few coconut mojitos on the beach – what would a Hawaii vacation be without coconuts? 😉

New Orleans

New Orleans

New Orleans is a real paradise for cocktail drinkers, because one of the first cocktails in the world was created here. In the French Quarter you can try the legendary Sazerac Cocktail, which was created around 1860. The traditional drink consists of whiseky, absinthe, sugar syrup and mitters – so nothing for beginners 😉 During the tour you will also discover the historic district and learn more about the history of the famous cocktail.

San Francisco

In San Francisco you can also take part in a cocktail tour that will bring you close to the famous Pisco Punch. It is a mixture of punch and cocktail, which consists of lemon juice, gomme syrup, pineapple and Peruvian pisco. The guide leads you through various bars where you can try these and other specialties such as the Chartreuse Swizzle. So that you don’t drink on an empty stomach, there is a lot of ham and cheese popcorn on the tour.


When you are in Bali, you should definitely take part in a cocktail safari . During the tour, a VW bus will take you to various sightseeing hotspots and great beach bars, where you can treat yourself to exotic cocktail creations. Another highlight are the Balinese dishes and a visit to Jimbaran Bay, where you can experience the sunset. The tour ends in the Ku De Ta Bar on Seminyak Beach – with a few cocktails, of course!