I remember this in my childhood was not happening, but now are the ones that mark each year the trends on the most popular toys. This year, the ‘Monster High’ and ‘Peppa Pig’ are the Toys more orders for the children in his letter to the three kings.

The monstrous dolls repeated podium, since last year were sold out as the favorite of girls, but share it with sympathetic family of pigs that has captivated children House.

Already Armando we commented a few days ago that sold out this Christmas toy award is for: “Going to school with Peppa Pig”, a set of desks and animals that go to school with Peppa.

Another trend that captures the letters to the Kings are tablets with children’s content for children from four years old, an age which already interested in having a device to play.

Anyway, although every year there are toys that cause sensation in stores, also persist classics such as Barbies, Nancys and belly, the famous Playmobil dolls, Pin and removable sets or the Lego all versions.

And something that is changing in recent years, is that there are more parents who flee from what goes and give children books or games of life.