We are in the time of the year in that more toys are bought, and also when more attentive we must be the characteristics of those articles so that they are safe and appropriate for children.

As part of the European campaign ‘Safety in toys’, the Directorate-General for enterprise and industry of the European Commission launched a video that informs consumers how to choose safe toys and how to use them safely. But is it a proper video?

In the video leaves a robot that sings, called CE, which aims to educate children about safety regarding toys, reminding us to beat of music (Yes, seems that it hits our ears) to the toys carried the guarantee “CE”.

Apart from the quite shrill, metallic voice of the robot, and that without the subtitles we would not understand even half of the message, we find a little strange scenes taking into account children who, in theory addresses. Like the one that shows a doll Barbie type and the robot tells us what his girlfriend showing off her, “what is it okay?”.

In my opinion only this scene is shown a sexist attitude not only through the words of the robot but the doll that appears as a simple ornament vase together to the protagonist. I don’t know, maybe think that three feet looking for the cat, but if it is a video that aims to educate the children does not seem appropriate.

The campaign has other materials characterized by CE robot, like comics, but in this case they are not published in Castilian. It may thus the robot if a more appropriate message.

But even for older people the video of the robot CE safety toys It seems to me to be indicated, without subtitles, we would lose and images and sounds futuristic and electronic invoice does not help to send the message… Finally, we remind you without stridency that we must find the “CE” mark on toys, that manufacturer proves that the article meets the requirements of security of the European Union.