Again it’s products made in China, but this time are not removed by contain paint with lead but by the danger posed to be ingested.

Two toys to the national consumption Institute He has ordered to remove tents of all the autonomous communities are Bindeez Moose enterprise and Water Dot Spin Master, which in Spain are distributed among others by Toys ‘r’ us, Hasbro and Giochi Preziosi.

Both toys consist of small balls which are attached to the contact with water to create forms, and that of being swallowed by the child they can cause a blockage of the digestive tract It denounced the Committee of safety of the products of consumption of United States, but also round the suspicion of potential toxic effects which is investigating the National Institute of Toxicology.

Bindeez manufacturer defends himself in a statement arguing that the product is safe and that specifies that it should not be used by children under 4 years old.

In Spain there was no case, but in Australia, two children have been entered into a coma with sudden epileptic and there Yes it has been confirmed that the beads contain a chemical related to GHB, the banned drug of rapeseed that can leave the person unconscious up to cause death by asphyxiation.

No longer is if the massive withdrawal of toys made in China is some kind of political or what move, but as a mother worries me seriously than toys that parents take so quietly on the shelves can become deadly.