Tips For Choosing Toys For Children Up to 03 Years Old

Regardless of age, children always love toy, of any type and size.Small children have no sense of danger, that is, it is the duty of parents and guardians to care for their health and well-being, and often, wanting the best for their little ones, they end up by buying an inappropriate toy that can life of the child at risk.

To make sure that you do not miss a gift, check out some tips to choose toys for children up to 03 years old:

Pedagogical toys

In addition to being a source of fun, children’s toys up to 3 years old can still be educational, helping children develop.Toys that help in the tactile part, which encourage reasoning, and stimulate motor activities are the best.

Until you learn to walk:

Toys like assembled blocks, very large, with rounded ends and made of cloth;triage toys that help children recognize colors and stimulate manual dexterity with objects;toys about recognizing shapes, such as cubes and colored geometric shapes, to be embedded.

Children who walk alone:

For children who are already walking alone, for more than two years the nominees are riding toys , such as horses and trains, which help in the balance and difficulties of day-to-day walking; electric toys that have characteristic movements and sounds (as long as they respect the laws and do not have a loud sound that can harm the child) that hypnotize the little ones; percussion toys such as pins and blocks to hit holes as it helps in motor coordination and puppets in general.

How To Choose Toys

Choose rubberized toys that offer no danger to the little ones, so they can handle at will, without getting hurt;

Young children love to bite everything, so when it comes to thinking about the present, you need to think about it too.Remember that since these toys always stop in the mouths of children, they should also be easy to care for and clean, ie toys should be washable so they can be sanitized correctly;

When buying a toy for children up to 3 years old, check if it is approved by Inmetro, if it is an electronic toy, more care is needed.Because some toys have very loud sound and can end up damaging the child’s hearing;

Do not buy toys that are removable, with small parts, as children can carry these up to their mouths, swallowing small parts and choking.