Is Christmas coming and we are looking for the most suitable toy for children, depending on their age, and of course, we know that more excited will be. But we don’t want that in less than 24 hours the toy ends up parked in a corner or forgotten at the bottom of the trunk of toys.

For this reason If you’re tired of the toys that last a day and you are looking for something more lasting, we suggest 13 gifts for children without expiration date that children will love play.

Bike, Scooter, rollerblading or tricycle

Ideal to promote the practice of outdoor activities, and If you propose you, children can use them a lot. As far as possible to make everyday journeys as going to school or at least strolls in family weekends.

But of course, if you buy skates and not bring the kids to skate, hardly use them, but not because they don’t want to. The skates last less a matter of growth of the foot, but a bike can last three or four years perfectly.

Blocks games

One of the toys that most have used my daughters throughout his childhood. What’s more, we had them to renew a couple of times because with three girls I will say… And still continue to play with them, especially the smallest, of the six.

Construction toys have great benefits for children. Buy some suitable to the age of the small, but with the possibility of Add new as it grows. The Lego range is ideal, already have everything thought so that it evolves with the child.


An ever-present in the infancy of our children with which you will spend hours and hours playing. They may have hundreds of toys but a ball is always a guarantee of fun. In addition, like bike encourages the practice of outdoor sports: soccer, basketball, volleyball… anything goes!


You can not play every day, but if you have a kitchen at home or decide to make one yourself, it is a great entertainment for children. Fosters symbolic play, the playground par excellence in which children imitate situations that come in real life, and introduces them into the fantastic world of the stoves, but not fire, light.

Prepare stuffed, they do experiments, organize gadgets. My daughters have spent many hours “cooking”.


Something that never lack home because to me I love them and I catch my daughters are the puzzles. Further concentration, visual memory exercise and there are for all ages, according to the stage of development of the child.

They can be assembled again and again and form a nice collection. That Yes, we must be very careful when it comes to save them so you do not miss any part.


A gift that surely does not fail. Child not likes to play at being a superhero, a Princess, a COP, a cowboy? The costumes encourage kids to live all kinds of adventures, fantastic stories that transported them to an imaginary world. At the end, children consists in that, have fun without limits.

Plastiline or modeling dough

Another Basic stable cast of toys At home. The “plastic” did spend long hours of fun to my daughters, and still continues to do so, unfortunately for some of my furniture.

If they are of good quality (the best, without doubt the Play Doh) and after use are stored in the boats with the lid well closed, not dry and they can last a long time.

They stimulate creativity and manual skills helping to develop motor skills. There are toys with parts and accessories so that the children can create meals, forms… even a year had a made Nativity with Plastiline.


Books * are a perfect gift * if you don’t want to give away toys. We all know how beneficial that is reading to children, and not only from a point of view of intellectual, that too, but as an enjoyment. Reading is an adventure.

Give books helps you begin to love reading since they are small.

Board Games

The truth is that there are some who give penalty, and sincerely I do not see them fun, but also There are very interesting board games that can last for many years. Even my daughters use a Scrabble (the one with the little letters) that was mine and my sister when we were small.

Some good reasons to use board games include that they are very funny and very importantly, they foster the game in family.

Like the puzzles must be kept them very well to avoid loss of pieces, cards, dice, etc, that if they disappear and the game does not make sense.

Craft Kit

For the more hands, before a toy, gift items that promote creativity. Paints, brushes, papers, pens, canvas… There are children who makes more thrilled a box full of crayons as a toy. My youngest daughter, for example, his eyes shine.


There are dolls and dolls that can last for many years and become the favorite toy of children. Who does not remember a doll that has loved in childhood? I still remember one, pretty had nothing, but had a very special affection for him.

I am not in favour of that have a dozen babies, stuffed animals and dolls, but it is a precious gift that fosters giving affection and care towards others, and that if there is feeling will accompany you long time.

Photo camera

I think a super gift to start kids in the art of photography. Clearly it depends on the age of the child, I would say that from the 8-9 years, there are some quite affordable. I think it is something beautiful, useful and durable if they take care of it.

Tablets and smartphones

Not all parents are in favor of tablets and smartphones before a certain age, but it is a gift that will surely be used often and will take you much advantage. Of course, there is always that monitor both the time that are in front of the screen as the use of them.