This year has been characterized among other things by the alerts of hazards in toys, alarms have jumped continuously with the toys that came from the Asian market, up to 80% of the reports by dangerous toys to the products alert network food had no Asian origin, nearly 1,600 alerts, representing one 48% increase with respect to the year 2006.

In our country have also withdrawn thousands of toys, not as many as in the markets of other countries, such as United States, where the withdrawal has posted in hundreds of thousands. Spain has suffered mainly alerts by toys like dolls and stuffed animals, rattles, masks, or bows with arrows and suction cups among others, these toys offered potential risks to our children, choking, poisoning, injuries, and even electric shock.

A worrying fact is that provides us the CICC (Center for research and quality Control), after analyzing 660 toys and various products for children, up to 337 did not meet standards set by the European Union, or more than half.
The safety of children is the most important and why this organism does not hesitate to withdraw from the market any product that does not offer guarantees 100% security. It is necessary to conozcamos parents what are the regulations regarding a toy safe, in this way, to run us into a possible danger for any child, you can report it by eliminating a risk.

Toy associations of Spain and the Ministry of health and consumption, are trying to disseminate more appropriate advice which we must not govern for the safety of our children.

While they have intervened and removed lots of toys, there are who still want to take economic advantage, even at the expense of the health of children. For this reason, controls that are carried out or the information provided to consumers should be fundamental aspects that make the tonic toy for Christmas. There is a project that will attempt to strengthen surveillance of the channels through which may enter the Toys more effectively.

In addition, the Minister explained that “already is being strengthened Customs controls” especially in children’s products, and “is being developed information materials about children’s product safety”. In addition, Soria announced that starting next year will increase inspections of toys within market campaigns. Will not be more that we ensure that toys that we provide to children during this Christmas are completely safe and do not enclose any danger.