It is not rare to hear criticisms as to the new pranks of the children. Hours in front of the video game or computer and a little time would scare parents that have grown up with another kind of routine.

But you can change this situation and still have much fun with your little one. Just have a little bit of creativity and patience that, real quickly, teaching your child to get in the mood and enjoy the fun in the style of childhood from the past. And the best part of this whole story is that you still get hours of fun next to him.

The pediatrician Dr. Carlos Brunini says that play with the children it is a push to ensure a healthier life for them. Parents who play with the children, earn a positive point without a doubt because they provide the child a childhood healthier, tapering to respect you. My Life has separated some suggestions as well interesting, you will ensure a day full of fun, both for you and for your son. Enjoy!

Toys of the Old for Parents and Children to Enjoy Together 1

Bike (Caloi): There is nothing more sexy than a ride bicycle? If the small is not yet accustomed to the ride start slowly and do not hesitate to opt for the training wheels. Quickly he will be a star in the fun.

Toys of the Old for Parents and Children to Enjoy Together 2

Jump rope: A play perfect to meet all the kids. If you do not feel much comfortable to play with the puppy you can be one of the scouts, and fun to see your child so happy.

Ball: No gift can beat the balls. They fit perfectly for different games and leave the children in movement and very entertained. A tip is to search for the favorite sport of his son, then just start practicing with it.

Toys of the Old for Parents and Children to Enjoy Together 3

Kite or kite: A sunny afternoon gets even more full with some horinhas dedicated to fly a kite with your puppy. The joke gets even hotter when you work together in the assembly of the toy.

Spinning top: Wheel, Wheel and Wheel. After you realize that it is not so easy to make the pawn rotate for quite a while, your child will feel even more excited about the present. A tip is to show your skills and let the puppy mouth open.

Skateboard, Skates, or Scooter: A park, a beautiful day, the company of the children and even a pair (or two) of roller skates. Are small actions that, added together, can transform the day of a child. It is not necessary that all opt for the same object. Skate and scooter are also synonymous of adventure, each one chooses the one that best suits your taste.

Album sticker: The girls are the most empolgam with these gifts. Especially those of princesses and cartoon cute. The sticker albums are still working with the imagination and responsibility of the children. The trick is to play and celebrate each new step reached with the puppy, such as a page completely filled.

Game of Mico and Memory (Copag): Rainy days can also be put to good use away from all electronic devices. Those who do not remember those card games that both made the head of the children, in the most ancient times? The games of memory and mico are a great option.