China is the world’s leading exporter of toys with a 60% of world production, but they have been large and serious problems with its production, according to consumers Union have withdrawn this year more than 20 million toys for excessive levels of lead and other hazards for children.

Now the problem is supplying to the toy store, We know through the news the case of Don Edwards, who does not know if you can supply the demand of wooden toys that requested for Christmas. 76-year-old is dedicated to create toys from New York.

The company that manufactures airplanes and gliders from wood Guillow has also stated that international sales have increased, according to its Vice President Tom Baker, mostly from United States and United Kingdom.
Parents are worried that it is not enough to check toys bearing the seal of the EC to know that are safe. Many retired for being dangerous to children toys are of major toy companies.

Little Tikes has created a section on its website indicating the toys that have been manufactured in the United States without passing through the hands of the Chinese factory. It would be nice that this information be shared at the international level and by all the companies that are dedicated to this task. We all want to be sure of what we buy, and those who work well your product will win if they grant us the necessary information.