Toys are instruments of game and the children they love, but how many toys should have? where is the limit? Allie Casazza, mother of four children felt really overwhelmed by the amount of toys that had been at home, by the disorder that is impossible to order without that to be all done a disaster to five minutes again. In addition, had the feeling that their children already nothing satisfying, that despite all the toys that had.

One day he took a radical decision: He decided to get rid of their children toys and it ensures that you changed them for the better life. It improved her relationship with her children and her husband, as well as the family life to all levels. They enjoy spending more time on family and the stress was reduced.

The rich boy syndrome

Many parents believe that giving children all that they want is a way to make them happy, to give them all what they did: the best toy, the latest model of the console, largest Teddy… But really don’t we realize the damage that we can get them to do. The excess of toys It generates children frustrated and lacking in imagination

Give them everything, fill them with toys just generating disorders related to this behavior, what is known as the rich boy syndrome, that is obviously not related to the amount of money that parents have, but few things to buy them and whims grant them.

A release

Allie did not do so as a punishment to their children, but rather as a change of lifestyle. They realized that this avalanche of toys was not doing happy children, or to her in her role of mother. I was stressed by the excess of objects at home, their children bother you and all I wanted was that you ended the day for rest.

Today feels that the decision of Donate toys and learn to live with less It is one of the best taken in his life. And no doubt, a great lesson for children. He confesses to being liberated, as if I had taken a big weight off.

It is not easy. It is something that must reach a consensus with the children, and it is not necessary to remove them all, but it is important to know that excess is not good. You can start by cleaning up toys and donate those that no longer used, as well as change the gifts policy that makes the family birthdays and Christmas.