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Remote Control Toys

Here, we are discussing RC helicopters for all levels.

2-3 channel helicopters are aimed at children or the young beginners who want a helicopter which is easy to go to. Usually these helicopters can also withstand more and typically only necessary accessories are batteries for the remote control.

4 channel helicopters are easy to set up, they can fly up, down from side to side, and, of course, forwards and backwards (Yes you can tray with a helicopter). It is not possible to fly on the head with this type, but also a very large number of flying hours.

We recommend 4 channel category, if you have not flown a helicopter before. Especially COAX versions, so those with double main rotor. A Coaxial helicopter gives you the easiest and fastest start on helicopters, without compromising the challenge.

6 channel helicopters have a bit more options than 4 channel helicopters. They can make the same maneuver as 4 channel, and they can also loop and fly “upside down” and, in principle, perform the same maneuvers with the rotor at the bottom. On the remote control is a 3D “switch” that turns the axes and thereby becomes the Steering reverse. This helicopter we recommend to those who are more advanced, since they react more quickly.

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